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Desperately Seeking: Single Man With Funds

May 1, 2011

…. Well, only as an absolute resort.  In the meantime, I’m quieting the socialist in my head who is outraged that in the US students only get as much education as they can afford.  She’s getting loud and distracting me from my scholarship hunt.

So far, I’ve found two I qualify for:  a Servant Leadership program through my university, and the Ty Cobb Foundation Scholarship.  And I’ve applied for one through a local foundation in my hometown.

But the snag is, I’m applying for aid to pay for next year’s classes, classes I can’t even register for even now after school is out.  Why can’t I register for classes you ask?  Well I’m in a financial pickle, that is I’m $1,400 short for the 2010-2011 school year.  I’m in over my head and I’m barely treading water.  It’s hard for me to believe that I’m in such a dilemma.  After all, I’m a Brenau Scholar; it’s the highest non-athletic, four-year award a student in the Women’s College can win; it’s full tuition and a huge honor. And yeah, I get more than that, but this isn’t my resume.  How is it that with the ultimate academic award at my university, I may not get to return in the fall?  My stomach turned as I wrote that sentence.  For the first time, it feels real.  Really real.  And really wrong.  I try to picture myself at any other school–perhaps coed, lacking the beautiful pink architecture, with out the “Brenau Woman’s Spirit,” wanting quirky traditions, missing the Brenau Ideal.  The fact is that I am a Brenau Woman; I won’t be home anywhere else.

So I must find the solution.  I have already begun taking action to secure my future as a Brenau Woman.  I am pleading with administrators, hunting for aid, even advertising to edit papers on craigslist and taking paypal donations.  I am doing rather than dreaming.  I can and will return to my Brenau home.

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