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Lesson 1: Be Selfish

May 1, 2011

Two years ago, when I graduated from high school, a close friend gave me the most insightful guidance an 18 year-old woman entering the world of higher education could gather.  She reminded me: be selfish, college is the last time in your life when you can look out for you alone.  Since that day, I’ve lived by those words; every choice I make comes down to how it will benefit me.  The wisdom she gave me has guided me down a path filled with opportunities that I greedily harvest for my own improvement.  After all, that’s what college is about–experiencing new things, making new friends (and new enemies), seeing new sights, scooping up every chance to learn, all in the name of a better, happier future.  At the end of my second year at Brenau University, I’ve had some miraculous harvests; my basket’s piled high with conferences, leadership, best friends, parties, heartache, lost friends, greek life, hangovers, inspirational mentors, changed majors, and enlightening professors.

My name is Chloe.  I am nearly twenty.  I believe more than anything else that college is my time to selfishly devour any lesson I can learn about myself, my peers, my passions, and my world.

Recently, I’ve been offered the chance to take a bulldozer to my winding, narrow path.  And that bulldozer comes in the form of studying abroad this summer.  At Cambridge University.  I have made it my mission to crank that machine, clear the brush that stands in my way, and make it to England.  I’ve decided to share the experience of clearing the path, what I find on the way and lessons I carry with me, like briars on my walking shoes, long after I return.

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