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Absentmindedly Losing Everything

May 3, 2011

And by everything I mean stuff and my mind.  Today Mother and I wasted close to an hour looking for a book that I know I’ve seen since I returned home, but I can’t nail down its exact location.  Sure, this time I have the excuse of just moving back in; my crap’s everywhere, and most of it’s still in boxes and bags.  But this kind of thing happens on an all too regular basis–like everyday…. multiple times.  In fact, I probably waste an hour to two hours daily looking for my keys, my bag, my cellphone and my shoes.  It’s exhausting.

Mother blames her parenting skills for my pain-in-the-neck flaw.  She thinks she micromanaged me too much.  Her theory is that because she was always tidying up after me, I never learned to keep track of my own stuff.  I don’t like her theory too much, even though it’s probably true.  It just encroaches upon my rosy image of my independent, wise beyond my years childhood.

I’d much rather blame it on genetics.  After all, Daddy is always forgetting things.  Mother has to check everyone of his pockets for pens, cash, credit cards, keys, cell phones and who knows what else before she throws anything in the washing machine.  His brain’s got bigger fish to fry than keeping track of those minor things that make life go smoothly.

Or maybe it’s a medical mystery… I think I like that option the best.  Maybe it will be my claim to fame.

Whatever the cause, solving this issue would be a huge weight off my shoulders.  It’ll make my metaphorical hike to that unknown destination noticeably easier.   I’m going to spend some time pondering how to fix this.

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  1. May 3, 2011 8:43 pm

    I’m ever so glad we found that book. Now where is my phone?

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